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Press Release | November 18, 2014


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After a drawn-out process of facilitation with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since March 2013, the Centre for Orangutan Protection’s (COP) complaint against Bumitama (parent company of PT. NKU) has not yet been resolved. It looks like this complaint will not ever be resolved as Bumitama appears to have no intention to carry out their commitments to the RSPO. 

COP found that no compensation has been paid for the appointed conservation area and management did not have the capacity to protect it from clearing and burning. As a result, a large portion of the conservation area has been burnt cleared. The forest area that was orangutan habitat that had been protected by COP and the local people since March 2007 has also been cleared and replaced with a palm oil plantation. The local community gave up this land to Bumitama after being paid. Bumitama did not bother to listen to COP’s recommendations to cease land clearing. They simply paid compensation and the area was labelled a conservation area. Bumitama chose to deceive COP and RSPO. 

The following statement is provided by Hardi Baktiantoro, Principal of COP:

“RSPO have lost their creditability by continuing to protect a deceitful palm oil company like 

Bumitama.  If Bumitama are allowed to continue as members of RSPO and are approved as an environmentally friendly company, other companies will surely follow Bumitama’s example. Bumitama is testing RSPO’s credibility.”

“Bumitama need to be dismissed from RSPO immediately in order to ensure that such a situation will not occur in other concession areas. COP urges RSPO to re-open other cases against Bumitama such as PT ASMR around Tanjung Putting National Park and PT LSM in Ketapang.  COP questions the validity of the reports completed on the two above mentioned areas.” 

For further information and interviews, please contact: 


Hardi Baktiantoro

Email : hardi.baktiantoro@cop.or.id

Phone : +62 (0)8121154911


Paulinus Kristianto

Email : linus@cop.or.id

Phone : +62 (0)821528828404

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